Officially Recognized Instructor From MSAF Paragliding Committee (MSAF PG Committee)
No. Full Name License No. Expiry Rating
1 Nasaruddin A. Bakar PG38-0001 2020-Dec INS/T3
2 Abd Rahman Bahrin PG38-0005 2019-Dec INS/T3
3 Andika Mountnear (Pak Munir) PG38-0006 2019-Dec INS/T3
4 Mohd Nurhaqimy Mohd Ismail PG38-0007 2022-Dec INS/T2
5 Haznain Ngamil PG38-0008 2021-Dec INS/T3
6 Sawrianto Sawin PG38-0009 2019-Dec INS/T3
7 Muhamad Faridil Fadzreen Nordin PG38-0010 2021 Dec INS/T3
8 Mohd Nafi Sulaiman PG38-0011 2020-Dec INS/T3
9 Mohd Asri Man PG38-0015 2020-Dec INS/T2
10 Mohd Nazri Sulaiman PG38-0020 2022-Dec INS/T2
11 Yusoff Mamat PG38-0022 2020-Dec INS/T2
12 Mohd Amin Ismail PG38-0023 2019-Dec INS/T2
Instructor that been officially recognized by MSAF Paragliding Committee are bound to ;

● Follow and abide the Constitution/Policy provided by MSAF (Malaysia Sport Aviation Federation).
● Any Instructor who were found out to violate the Constitution/Policy or fail to fulfil the criteria as a Paragliding Instructor in MSAF PG Committee will be stripe off the rating/qualification as an Instructor through meeting among MSAF PG Committee Organization Members.
● Every recognized instructor by MSAF PG Committee must be registered under any club who registered as an MSAF affiliate members.