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The Malaysian Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF) was formed on 31st May 2003 after discussion between Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technologies (MIGHT) and the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA) to be a govern body to all sports aviation activities in Malaysia.

The membership of Malaysian Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF) is open to all associations, clubs and companies registered in Malaysia who directly or indirectly involve in sports aviation activities.

The Malaysian Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF) is registered with the Federation Aeronautical Internationale (FAI), the world body for sports aviation activities.

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Objectives of The Federation

 To inculcate healthy development in aviation sport & recreation.

 To ensure all aviation sport and recreation activities in Malaysia is executed with safety and security in mind with accordance to existing laws and regulations.

 To Assist the relevant authority in facilitating the various disciplines involving sports and recreational aviation such as licensing,

certification and operation in order to ease problems for activities in term of equipment and personnel indulging in sports and recreational aviation in Malaysia.

 To ensure all sports and recreational aviation activities in Malaysia are executed, are done so with the preservation of the environment in mind.

 To ensure all sports and recreational aviation activities in Malaysia are executed without any discrimination and prejudice and make them affordable to all.

 To ensure all sports and recreational aviation activities in Malaysia are executed in harmony.

 To progress effectively and to ensure all sports and recreational aviation activities in Malaysia are given due recognitions both nationally and internationally

 To support the existence of regulatory system and operation of various disciplines in sports and recreational aviation under its jurisdiction which is aligned with rules and regulations that were laid down by the Federation only after the branch discipline is capable to exhibit its capabilities and abilities to execute them.


Ordinary Membership
 Associations and Clubs registered with the Registrar of Societies as Associations or Clubs directly involved in Sports, Recreational and General Aviation.

 Companies registered with Registrar of Societies as companies involved in aviation business, sports aviation, recreational aviation, manufacturing of aviation products, research, event management, promotions and marketing.

 Association representing members involved in activities such as Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots and Engineers would also be permitted to apply to be members under this category. Associate Membership Malaysian individuals representing a discipline of sports of recreation aviation not yet identified under matter above and foreign individuals. Associate members do not have any voting rights.

Honorary Members
Malaysian or Foreign individuals invited to join the Federation or the Committee as consideration that the individuals will contribute significantly towards the achievement of the Federation’s objectives and goals. The status of an Honorary Member can be revoked and  will be reviewed during each Annual General Meeting by the Committee.

Currently MIGHT (Malaysia Industry-Government Group For High Technology, Prime Minister Department) and DCA (Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia) are functioning as the main advisor to the Federation. They also act as the representatives from the Federation Government to the Federation.

Registered Members

 Hot Air Balloon Air Ship Club, Kuala Lumpur (MSAF 001) – HABAS

 Kelab Sukan Udara N9 (MSAF 002)

 Persatuan Terbang Layang Malaysia (MSAF 003) – PTLM

 Kelab Sukan Udara Aeromodelling RC, Kuala Lumpur (MSAF 004) – KESUA

 Kelab Sukan Payung Terjun 604 (MSAF 005) – 604

 N9 Sports Aeromodelling RC Club (MSAF 006) – N9SA

 Kelab Paramotor 1 Malaysia (MSAF 007) – KPM1M

 Kelab Sukan Paragliding 1 Malaysia (MSAF 008) – KP1M

 Kelab Luncur Udara Kinabalu (MSAF 009) – KLUK

 Inspiration Aviation Club (MSAF 0010) – IAC

 AirVenture Paragliders – AVP

 Kelab Luncur Udara Kuala Kubu Bharu – KLUKKB


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